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Ilaria. 25. Italy.
Conor Oberst. First Aid Kit. Jenny Lewis. The National. Elliott Smith



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@ Malmö Festivalen 2014
Photos by Fredrik Miegel


Before playing Artifact #1 (x)

Before playing Artifact #1 (x)

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Conor Oberst,
Upside Down Mountain


I slept like 3 hours last night and then took a boring 5-hour train home but it was worth it, one of the best day ever. 
  • I met 4 italians who are as crazy as me about Conor’s music, I mean THEY EXIST. For the first time ever I could talk in real life (in italian) about Conor and his music and it was amazing, we hung out all day before and after the gig.
  • I’ve watched Conor swim in the see.
  • Conor was in a good mood and talked a lot before every song.
  • I took a pic with Taylor, such a nice guy.
  • The venue was cool but really small so we were VERY close to him.
  • The setlist was similar to the one in London last month, luckily he changed some songs. 

(More pics and videos soon).

AMAZING! Thanks to you and conorisawhiner for making me laugh really hard, wish I was there! “The girl who open my car door” will be his biggest hit, ahahaha
Photo by autumndewilde

Photo by autumndewilde

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Jenny and Johnny,
I'm Having Fun Now

I can’t sleep these days
and my blues they won’t go away

@ Green Man Festival 2014
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